The Healthy Choice Workshop

Among the many contexts in which the Healthy Choice program helps youth is friendships.

The Antibullying Workshop

During these workshops, youth will learn effective ways to respond to and combat bullying situations.

The Antiviolence Workshop

The antiviolence workshop explores alternatives to violence. During the presentation.

BHPC Interventions strategies will include

-Psychosocial support, mentorship, and coaching

BHPC provides safe spaces for youth to consult, discuss and explore options for their
lives through counseling, mentorship, and coaching. Staff and volunteers ensure that an
environment that is fun filled but aimed at empowerment is created for the youth through

symposia, arts and drama, film shows, and group activities that promote socialization
encourage team building, and enable self-expression.

-Psychoeducation on self-esteem, anger management, mental health\wellbeing,
communication, conflict management\resolution, and Resilience

-Group therapy
Offers the youth a place to discuss several topics and allows them to share their
experiences in a safe setting while receiving support from the counselor and peers.

  • Issues handled include: Family issues:
    Parent\sibling relationships\interactions, Forgiveness, Abandonment Jealousy\Resentment
  • Substance abuse:
    Overcoming addictions, Avoiding relapse
  • Understanding mental health conditions:
    Depression, Anxiety, Panic disorders, setting boundaries, dealing with anger issues, coping skills, Self-Acceptance,
    Developing self-worth and confidence
  • Emotional wellness:
    Reducing stress, being more mindful, developing healthy sleep habits, Coping with loss
  • Grief:
    Denial, Guilt, how to move forward
  • Criminal behavior:
  • Trauma:
    Trust, Fear, Sexual/physical/mental abuse
  • Self-care/ Weight and body image:
    Learning how to identify and conquer triggers, Food, exercise, and self-image

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